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You don’t really know what it is.  (You have an idea, but it is far from specific.)In my experience as an entertainment career coach, there are four reasons why you as an artist and entertainment industry professional don’t accomplish your goal…

You know what your goal is, but you don’t know what to do to accomplish it.

You know what to do, but you don’t do it.

You know what to do and you do it, but you don’t do it powerfully and effectively.

At Strategy Coaching™ we work with you to conquer all four challenges.

Whether you’re a mid-career professional who’s achieved success but wants to go higher and further, new to the business and committed to avoiding floundering around like so many people do, or a an entertainment veteran who wants to reinvigorate your career, we have a program for you.

Clear vision + strong plan + passionate team + powerful execution + overcoming obstacles = UNSTOPPABLE

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Tools for Your Career Success

Are you waiting for Prince Charming?

Let me start by saying that this blog is not just for women.  It’s for men, too.

You might have heard me talk about this business, show business, being a business of big dreamers.  You didn’t move to LA or NYC, for example, and you don’t sacrifice your nights and weekends because you have an itty-bitty dream.  Nope.  You’ve got a big dream.  You know the one I mean.  The one that has you rehearse your speech in the shower.  That one.

prince charming

And I know that you work hard toward your dream.  I know that you sacrifice.  But over and over again, I see both women and men falling for a myth that often comes along with big dreams.  It’s the myth of Prince Charming.  And both women and men fall for it.  A lot.

Here’s what it looks like…  If I just get my film into Sundance it will sell for lots of money and Hollywood will come knocking on my door.  If it can just get a better agent, then I’ll get better auditions and it’s only a matter of time before I’m starring in a TV show.  If I can just get the money for my feature, my career will unfold the way it’s meant to be.  If I could just win a contest, then I’ll sell my script for lots of money!  And on and on and on…

And, just like there’s no Prince or Princess Charming in real life, there’s no Prince or Princess Charming in your career.

What’s the big deal, you ask?  Isn’t it okay to have hope?

Here’s why I feel it’s so important to write this blog.  Because wishing and hoping and waiting for Prince Charming is really demoralizing.  Being liberated of the Prince Charming myth turns out to be really freeing.

Affordable (and FREE!) Coaching

FREE live class: 5 Keys to Success in Hollywood (and how they apply to your dream career) 

When I was early in my career I had the good fortune to be hired as a field producer on a BBC documentary about success and failure in Hollywood. As part of that team, I participated in 70+ interviews with some of the most accomplished people in Hollywood.

We interviewed Kathleen Kennedy, Doug Wick after he’d won the Oscar for Gladiator, Akiva Goldsman after he’d won an Oscar for A Beautiful Mind, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Mace Neufeld, Kathy Konrad, McG, John Logan, Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen about American Beauty, Laura Ziskin, Bill Mechanic about heading up Fox when James Cameron was doing Titanic, Pierce Brosnan at his house, and dozens more. It was like being a part of the best master class in the best grad program ever created. I do not exaggerate.

In the 300+ hours of interviews I participated in I kept hearing the same things over and over. It turns out that while the path is different for everyone, the keys to success are the same. These keys form the basis for my FREE class The 5 Keys to Success in Hollywood (and how they apply to your dream career!)

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