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In my experience as an entertainment career coach, there are four reasons why you as an artist or entertainment industry professional might not have accomplished your goals…

You don’t really know what your goal is.  You have an idea, but it is not crystal clear, laser-specific.

You know what your goal is, but you don’t know what to do to accomplish it.

You know what to do, but you don’t do it.

You know what to do and you do it, but you don’t do it powerfully and effectively enough.

At Strategy Coaching™ we work with you to conquer all four challenges.

Whether you’re a mid-career professional who’s achieved success but wants to go higher and further, new to the business and committed to avoiding floundering around like so many people do, or an entertainment veteran who wants to reinvigorate your career, we have an opportunity for you to get the coaching you need.

Crystal clear vision + strategic plan + passionate, committed team + powerful, consistent execution + overcoming obstacles = YOUR DREAM CAREER

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Tools for Your Career Success

How Are You The Solution to Someone’s Problem?

I just recently coached my one month intensive Jump Start™, and something came up throughout the weekend that feels worthy of a blog.  It’s the idea of being the solution to someone’s problem.

Problem-Solution-ResultSo, let me back up for a moment and give this idea some context. Because, often in this business, we are highly driven and focused. This is not a bad thing, but it can have a downside. That downside is that in our drive and focus, we only think about ourselves.

And what that looks like day-to-day is a “me, me, me” attitude. We are only looking for the solution to our own problem—the person we need to meet, the thing we think they can do for us when we meet them, and so on. This can lead us to becoming that very thing we most loathe, desperate.

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Affordable (and FREE!) Coaching

Need a Road-Map to Your Next Breakthrough?

Imagine driving to a place you’ve never been without the GPS on your phone or in your car!

Imagine having only a few ideas about how to get to where you want to go!  It might take you a while to get there, right?  (If you get there at all!)

Your career goals are the same way.

You not only need to know what they are (very specifically), but you also need a detailed road-map so you can get there fast.

WHAT:  Your Breakthrough Road-Map FREE Tele-Class

WHEN:  Thursday, March 1st, 11am PT

WHERE:  On the Phone, so you can join from anywhere!



Stop driving around in your career, wondering if you should turn left or right at each stop sign.  Get on the fast track to your goals now!


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