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How to Open Doors & Pitch Yourself Powerfully™

Career Strategies to Gain Access, Meetings, Representation & More

PLUS: What to do once you’re in the room to knock it out of the park!

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…featuring worksheets, sample letters, emails, phone call scripts that have worked to make introductions, get meetings, build relationships, and more. You’ll even get a copy of the letter I wrote that got me an hour and fifteen meeting with an Oscar-nominated director. This letter has been the inspiration for countless letters that have opened doors!

…chock full of case studies and real-world coaching.

…what to do once you’re in the room to knock it out of the park!


When I got to LA I was full of vim and vigor, great training and talent– if I can say so! And very quickly I had the experience of feeling like “the business” was this gleaming industrial complex over there, across a big field that had a lot of landmines and pitfalls—holes I could fall into by making mistakes from which I might not recover. Then there was a moat, and on the outside of the moat was a chain link fence. 

I was outside that fence, rattling it, hoping someone would pay attention.

Well, it took a while and a lot of mistakes, but eventually I mastered the techniques I will teach you in this class to introduce myself to and get in business with producers, directors, agents, managers, a-list actors, casting directors, showrunners, CEOs, investors and more. 

These include individuals who have been nominated for Oscars and Emmys, famous people, powerful people, and people who were simply the right person for my project but were very hard to reach.

I learned how to do this boldly, powerfully, effectively and appropriately. Most of all, I learned how to do it quickly.

I put this class together because I’d been asked so many times how I got my meetings with this showrunner, that agent or that Oscar-nominated actor or director. And I felt like I couldn’t do those questions justice, because it’s not just one thing. You have to do many things, and you have to do them powerfully, effectively, and with perseverance.

But if you want to get yourself to pitching television networks three months after finding a TV idea when you’ve never pitched television before, or you want to get the call from the A-lister’s manager who six months previous wouldn’t return your call, this class is for you.

Here’s what you will get An audio, a video and a workbook covering:

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