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everything you need to find the perfect Day Job to support your Passion.

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… with the 9 Keys to a great Day Job that supports your passion, plus real-life case studies and action steps!

… with Day Job/Passion Job matches, worksheets, templates, timelines, case studies, and more!

… so that you can plan and implement to get immediate results!

Shawn’s Story…

When I first came to LA I worked like a dog and still couldn’t pay my bills. My student loans fell behind. I bounced my rent check. It was embarrassing and debilitating. Worse, I was so consumed by the survival problems that I couldn’t stop thinking about them long enough to be creative.

Slowly but surely, I was able to identify many of the tools and techniques I share in this audio and workbook. I was able to build a terrific Day Job career in commercial production that allowed me the time and resources to direct, write, and pitch my own passion projects.

Since then I’ve honed these tools with countless clients so that you, too, can earn a nice living while building your passion job career. These are tried-and-true tools. They will give you the necessary direction, clarity, and action steps so that you can stop stressing about how you’re going to pay your rent and get on with what you’re really here to do, 
contribute as an artist.

Don’t waste any more time losing sleep over your bank account balance – or lack thereof! For the cost of less than two tanks of gas, you can get the tools you need to solve your Day Job problem fast!

Get all of this for only $95! 
$95 will give you the tools to solve your Day Job problem and
free you up to pursue your passion right now!

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Get all this for only $95! $95 will give you the tools to solve your Day Job problem and free you up to PURSUE YOUR PASSION RIGHT NOW