Career Quick Start + THRIVE

Audio, Workbook, Coaching + Community

Are you ready to take charge and

achieve your career goals?

If you...

don’t have the success you want (yet!), it’s likely for one of four reasons:
  • You don’t really know what your goal is. (You have an idea, but it’s not crystal clear, specific.)
  • You know what it is, but you don’t know what to do to accomplish it.
  • You know what to do, but you don’t do it.
  • You know what to do, and you do it, but you don’t execute as powerfully and effectively as you need to.

You might be reading this because you’re stopped, stuck or just not moving as fast as you want to in your career.  You might not be earning enough money.  You might not be doing work that really inspires you.  Your project might be stalled or sitting on the shelf. Or, you might have reached a plateau and nothing you try is breaking you out of the level you’re stuck at.

My program Career Quick Start will not only give you the tools to identify what career success means to you, you’ll get a custom designed plan for accomplishing it!

Here is what you’ll get:

  • #1- A 31 page workbook

…with templates, examples, timelines, and worksheets that you’ll use for the rest of your career.

  • #2 - A Deep Dive into your Keystone Professional Goal and your One Year Breakthrough Goal

…so that you can visualize them, share them, and accomplish them!

  • #3 - A step-by-step process

…to formulate your own customized strategic plan.

  • #4 A three-part audio class

…that runs two hours total and includes exercises and real-world case studies.

But wait, there’s more!

When you get your Career Quick Start Audio and Workbook, I’ll add a career-charging bonus! Get one month of my ongoing, monthly coaching program, THRIVE, for FREE! That’s a $37 value!

Here’s what you get in THRIVE!

  • Two, 60+ minute, group coaching calls with me every month! This is an opportunity to get one-on-one coaching with me on exactly what you need, right where you’re at. Don’t waste time floundering around! Listen to others as I coach them and learn things you didn’t know you even needed to know! Don’t worry, if you miss the call, I always record them.
  • A Tool of the Trade Audio Class every month. These are short, powerful podcasts on everything from “How to Nurture Relationships With Drip Campaigns” to “Time Management.” Get new tools to navigate new waters!
  • Monthly Action Planners. Strategize your month with the monthly action planner and turn it in for feedback. We’ll tell you if you’ve got too much, you need a course-correction, or you’re missing something important!
  • End-of-Month Check-ins. Another key part of the road map is checking in to make sure you’re on course! Did you do what you said you’d do? If not, why not? We’ll give you feedback!
  • Membership in the THRIVE™ private Facebook group. A great place to network, get questions answered and build relationships!

THRIVE is regularly $37 a month, less than the cost of a tank of gas.

The Career Quick Start/THRIVE Combo is an $136 value.
Limited Time: Only $99.00!

Coaching Results

What are you waiting for?

Get the tools, coaching, and support you need to take your career to the level NOW! (And get the bonus month of THRIVE for FREE!) No more floundering around! Achieve the success you’re dreaming about. Fast.