THRIVE: To grow vigorously: Flourish

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You’re an artist, but you know you need to understand the business side of “Show Business.”

You’re ambitious, committed and driven.  And you know you need help to take everything to the next level.

You’re tired of feeling like “you’re going it alone.”  You want community and support, but you’ve had a hard time finding like-minded peers.

You want your career tools to free you to do your best work as an artist.

You don’t just want to put one foot in front of the other, you want to flourish, to THRIVE.

Congratulations.  You’ve found the perfect place.  THRIVE IS YOUR TRIBE.




THRIVE is the “fitness club” for your career…

I’ve combined the best tools I have from over seven years of coaching producers, writers, directors, actors, make-up artists, sound mixers, composers, and DPs into THRIVE.  Over and over again, I’ve observed how people “fall off the horse” as they are pursuing their goals.  I’ve observed where you get tripped up, and how I coach you to regain momentum and accomplish breakthroughs.

THRIVE is the culmination of all of that experienced crafted into a powerful program that’s also affordable!


Here’s what you get in THRIVE.  

Two hour and fifteen minute group coaching calls every month.  These calls run at least an hour and 15 minutes each and often much longer.  I coach you exactly where you are.  You hear others getting coached and learn from them.  You get inspired and energized!  If you miss the call, we always record it so that you can listen to it at your convenience.

Tool of the Trade Audio Class every month.   In these audios I tools that you will need to achieve your goals.  Recently, I dissected the tool of “Statistics” for tracking and assessing your progress. You’ve never heard of that for an artist?  Exactly!  That’s what the Tool of the Trade does!  Each month you get tools you didn’t even know you needed, as well as in-depth training on your current tools so that you become an expert in every facet of the business of your dream career.

Yearly + Monthly Planners.   It’s one thing to know your goal, it’s another thing to have it time-lined with clear milestones and actions so that every day you sit down at your desk you know exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goal.  I provide you with 12 month planners and a new monthly planner every month.  You fill them out and send them to me for feedback and I make sure you’re on course!

End-of-Month Check-in Form.   You fill this out so I can see and celebrate your progress!  This also gives me a chance to coach you so that you can course-correct and we can formulate new strategies as necessary.

Membership in the THRIVE private Facebook community, where networking, resource-sharing and even job-posting takes place!  It’s an amazing, generous community of committed, talented, and accomplished artists!

10% off Private Coaching with Shawn.  When you need to laser-focus with me, you’ve got the best price possible!

Alumni Tier:

Once you’ve completed Jump Start™, worked with me privately for at least three sessions, or actively participated in THRIVE for at least three months, you’re eligible to join our Free Alumni Tier.

Optional Accountability Partner assigned each month.  You can opt in to get an Accountability Partner assigned to you to match your specific needs and goals.  This is a great way to grow your network and connect with your committed community.  Many Accountability Partners have become collaborators and close friends.  Two have even gotten married!

And you get all of this for a month for less than the cost of a tank of gas or a casting director workshop.  Only $37 a month!






What THRIVE™ members are saying …

“THRIVE is the best $37/month I’ve ever spent!” –Alex Surer, Actress/Producer

“The tools in THRIVE won’t just change your career, they’ll change your life!” –Patrick Gorman, Actor, dozens of credits over his 65 year career including Three Days of the Condor, the new James Franco film, and the new Sleepy Hollow pilotBrendaAdelman

“Attending Shawn’s group coaching calls gets me plugged in to the local community, inspired by other member’s actions  and reminds me to use the tools I’ve learned in Shawn’s other programs. I’m reinvigorated around my monthly goals and take clearer actions toward them after each call. Thanks Shawn!”  –Brenda Adelman, Actress/Writer, award-winning one-woman show My Brooklyn Hamlet

“The THRIVE group calls keep me thriving.  I learn something new during every group call and hear myself through fellow Thrivers as they ask questions and share their experiences.  I feel honored to spend this time with like-minded professionals who are committed to achieving strategized goals.  Shawn’s expertise, insight, and guidance provide me with a safe platform of accountability and support.”  —Sylvie Obledo, Actress, Investigative Discovery’s Blood Relations

“There are so many things I have gotten with your help from Jump Start™ and now THRIVE.  It’s been only a year since I’ve met you, and my life has changed radically!”  –Magi Avila, Actress Carmen Miranda – The Lady In The Tutti Frutti Hat, The Shield, Secretos

“I’d been working in network TV for 20-plus years… Met a lot of great people, was on the front lines, wrote spec scripts, occasionally sold a script, got to pitch – including at Desperate Housewives where I was assistant to the show runner.  But I frequently felt the energy of struggle, of less than, of ‘why bother?’ when things didn’t work out.  Compounding all that was the fact that I had MY scripts and projects that I wanted to be made.   Notice the verb:  ‘to be made.  After I met Shawn and worked with her the verb changed.   To ‘make.’

NancyBeverlyFrom passive to active.

From struggle to setting goals and listing action items.

From being caught inside my own head stewing to being accountable every single day with an accountability partner in class.

Shawn coached me about how to pitch myself and my projects in a powerful way.  I learned how to write a really good letter that acknowledged the person I was contacting, explained who I was, how important my project was, and what specifically I wanted from them.  I got my TV spec pilot script in front of a number of producers, directors and show runners.  I even talked to Carol Mendelsohn, who’s run the CSI shows for many years.

To move my independent film script towards production, using Shawn’s strategies, I’ve gotten advice from Hollywood producer Leslie Belzberg, who’s produced 27 major titles, including Oscar-winning Crazy Heart,  and is the co-president of Outfest, L.A.’s gay film festival.  I’ve gotten Ellen Seidler, director of And Then Came Lola which appeared at 100 film festivals, to be a mentor.  And not only did I meet my JumpStart Month Goal of getting my script out to three more directors, I actually attached a director.  All of this I owe to the tools and techniques I learned in Shawn’s classes.   Shazam!”  Nancy Beverly, Writer, Shelby’s Vacation

What are you waiting for?  It’s less than the cost of a sandwich to try it for an entire month!