Coaching & Mentoring

Just think of what you’d accomplish if you had an experienced entertainment  industry career coach strategizing, brainstorming and working closely with you to accomplish your goals.  What mistakes would you avoid?  How much more quickly would you accomplish your goals?

In the entertainment industry, we routinely seek out coaches to “up our game.” We have physical trainers who coach us at the gym, singing teaches who coach our voices, screenwriting consultants who coach our screenplays, and acting teachers who coach us in audition technique or scene study.

Yet, we are all expected to be the CEOs of our entertainment industry businesses—our acting, directing, producing, editing, cinematography careers—and most of us have little, if any, business training.

This is where career coach Shawn Tolleson and Strategy Coaching™ come in.  From telephone and online programs to in-person events and intensives, to one-on-one coaching, Shawn offers a level of coaching to meet you exactly where you are in your career and propel you to the next level.


Career Quick Start

What does entertainment career success look like for you?

Is it being a series regular on a prime-time, award winning TV show?  Writing hit movies?  Producing a webseries that goes viral and generates millions of views?  Directing a film festival darling that gets sold in a bidding war?

And you might be reading this because you’re stopped, stuck or just not moving as fast as you want in your career.  You might not be earning enough money.  Or, you might not be working on the projects that really inspire you.  Or, your project might be stalled or sitting on the shelf.  Or, you might have reached a plateau and nothing you try is breaking you out of the level you’re stuck at.

That is why I’ve put together this program where you’ll get the tools to identify what career success means to you and tailor-make your own plan for accomplishing it.  Click here to learn more!



Most of us creative people in the entertainment industry need ongoing accountability, coaching, tools, support and community to accomplish anything!  Let’s face it!  And we really need these things when it comes to our breakthrough goals.

THRIVE is the coaching, support and community you’ve been looking for.  Seriously.  And only $37 a month–less than a tank of gas!

Click here to learn more about Thrive now!


Entertainment Industry Private Coaching with Shawn

Do you need to hone in on your goals with the laser focus of a private coach?  Then one-on-one, private coaching with Shawn is right for you.  Click here to learn more now.


Jump Start™

Do you want to be unstoppable in your career?  Do you want to wake up every day, knowing exactly where you are going and how to get there?  Do you want to make the most of every opportunity?  Build relationships effortlessly?  Stop procrastinating?  Get access to jobs that are out of your reach?  Avoid detours, distractions and mistakes?  Accomplish your goals quickly, without wasting time and opportunities?

Jump Start™ is a one-month intensive designed to catapult you, the committed entertainment industry professional, quickly toward your breakthrough goal.  Click here to learn more now!


Velocity Day

Get the benefits of lots of one-on-one attention while getting the synergy of a small group in the application-only Velocity Day!  Click here to learn more now.