How to Open Doors & Pitch Yourself Powerfully™

Audio, Video & Workbook



Entertainment Career Strategies to Gain Access, Meetings, Representation & More— and what to do once you’re in the room to knock it out of the park!

If you’re an actor, director, writer, composer, sound mixer, DP, costume designer, or make-up artist who wants to be working more, being paid more, doing better jobs and doing all of this with a more powerful team, then this audio and video course is for you!  This audio, video and workbook rolls entertainment career strategy, tips and insights into a powerful toolkit you’ll use now and for the rest of your career!

Do you:

  • Wish you had more auditions?
  • Want to be up for better jobs?
  • Want better representation?  Crave a more productive relationship with your current representation?
  • Want to enlist powerful mentors to guide and advise you?
  • Want to partner with established producers, directors, studios or networks?
  • Want to meet the people who can hire you?
  • Want to meet potential investors?
  • Want to some or all of the above FAST?


Shawn’s Story…

When I got to LA I was full of vim and vigor, great training and talent– if I can say so!  And very quickly I had the experience of feeling like “the business” was this gleaming industrial complex over there, across a big field that had a lot of landmines and pitfalls—holes I could fall into by making mistakes from which I might not recover.  Then there was a moat, and on the outside of a the moat was a chain link fence.  I was outside that fence, rattling it, hoping someone would pay attention.

Well, it took a while and a lot of mistakes, but eventually I mastered the techniques I will teach you in this class to introduce myself to and get in business with producers, directors, agents, managers, a-list actors, casting directors, showrunners, CEOs, investors and more.  These include individuals who have been nominated for Oscars and Emmys, famous people, powerful people, and people who were simply the right person for my project but were very hard to reach.

I learned how to do this boldly, powerfully, effectively and appropriately.  Most of all, I learned how to do it FAST.

I put this class together because I’d been asked so many times how I got my meetings with this showrunner, that agent or that Oscar-nominated director.  And I felt like I couldn’t do those questions justice, because it’s not just one thing.  You have to do several things, and you have to do them powerfully, effectively, and with perseverance.

But if you want to get yourself to pitching television networks three months after finding a TV idea when you’ve never pitched television before, or you want to get the call from the A-listers manager who six month previous wouldn’t return your call, this class is for you.

What you will get…

An audio, a video and a workbook covering:

  • The Six Components of a great letter.  (See the testimonials below!  You’ll learn how to write a letter that can get you a response in 24 hours!)
  • The Secret Ingredient of a great letter.
  • The Biggest Mistake people make in business communications.
  • How to make a request that will get you a “yes”.
  • The “Open Sesame” of every business communication.
  • Samples of powerful letters, emails and call scripts that have worked to secure meetings.
  • When to go “old school.”
  • Examples of what NOT do in letters, calls and emails.
  • Introduction Letters: I give you an example of one that worked beautifully to get a meeting and explain how to do it yourself.
  • Query Letters for Writers: I break them down and analyze them for you so that your Query Letters will get responses!
  • Cover Letters for Actors: I break them down and analyze them for you so that you get meetings with agents!
  • Mentor Letters: I explain what makes a mentor letter different from other types of letters and what you need to get a “yes.”
  • Cold Calls and “Warm” Calls: I break down how to do these effectively so that they stop being intimidating and you start making the darn calls!
  • Business Emails:  Seems simple, right?  Well, then why do we fail to get replies so often? Even from people we’ve talked to?  I demystify the business email so that when you send emails, you get replies!
  • And then, once you’re in the door, how to have a meeting that knocks it out of the park!
  • This includes the most common mistake people make in meetings, how to ask the hard question, how to capitalize on excitement and move it into action, and much, much more!
  • Unlimited access to an audio and a video chock full of all the above tools that you can listen to and watch as many times as you want for 90 days.
  • A workbook download featuring worksheets, sample letters, emails, phone call scripts that have worked to get meetings, and more.  You’ll even get a copy of the letter I wrote that got me an hour and fifteen meeting with an Oscar-nominated director!  This letter has been the inspiration for countless letters that have opened doors!

Don’t waste any more time bottom-feeding!   Don’t waste any more time being on the outside looking in!

Get all of this for only $99!  $99 will give you the tools to open doors for the rest of your career.



“I used your mentor letter template and wrote a letter to a producer of one of last year’s Best Picture nominees and got a reply in less than 24 hours!  Then I used your template for approaching directors (that I didn’t know) powerfully and effectively.  I contacted 15, heard back from all of them, and found the perfect director for my feature film!”   — Nancy Beverly, writer


“After procrastinating for literally 6 months, I finally sent out my mentor letter.  Boy was I shocked when I got an email back in less than 24 hours.  The owner of the top agency in town said, “I loved your letter so much, that I am going to keep it for the next 10 years and show it to my daughters when they are launching their own careers.”  Within 24 hours I had several new mentors in the agency!  This kind of feedback and access could have taken me years to get!”  — Joanne Adolfo, make-up artist

“I put the How To Open Doors tools to use the very next day and got an agent for a book project in a new genre. The conversation flowed like a river. Rolling!”  — Larry Kay, award-winning author

Still wondering if you should take the plunge?

Ask yourself how much you spent on headshots or networking events in the last 6 months. How many doors have those opened for you?  How many auditions and/or meetings have you gotten out of those efforts?  If it’s not enough…

For the 1/5 the cost of headshots or the cost of two tanks of gas, you can have tools to open doors and ace meetings for the rest of your career.  What are you waiting for?