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Career Quick Start

What does entertainment career success look like for you?

Is it being a series regular on a prime-time, award winning TV show?  Writing hit movies?  Producing a webseries that goes viral and generates millions of views?  Directing a film festival darling that gets sold in a bidding war?

And you might be reading this because you’re stopped, stuck or just not moving as fast as you want in your career.  You might not be earning enough money.  Or, you might not be working on the projects that really inspire you.  Or, your project might be stalled or sitting on the shelf.  Or, you might have reached a plateau and nothing you try is breaking you out of the level you’re stuck at.

That is why I’ve put together this program where you’ll get the tools to identify what career success means to you and tailor-make your own plan for accomplishing it.



How to Open Doors Audio & Workbook: Powerful Business Communications to Gain Access, Meetings, Representation & More

Wherever you are in your career, you feel like there is a door you want to get into that you can’t get into.

You feel like if only you could audition for certain roles, interview for certain jobs, pitch to the right people, you could book the role, land the job or sell the project.  You know that if certain doors were open to you, you could create the work you dream about and earn the money you deserve.  You wonder why it takes so long to open certain doors and why it’s so hard!

What makes things even more challenging is that there are different rules for different types of people…  Casting directors are hard to reach, but different from agents, who are different from producers!

What if I told you that there are some time-tested, powerful tools to open doors and get in the room?  These tools work with busy people, famous people, and use what’s unique about you to open the door.  These tools will give you confidence to be authentic and powerful, and to make bold requests that get you results.

Because, as long as the doors remain closed, it’s hard to achieve the success you crave, earn the great living you deserve, and do the work you are called to do!



Agent & Manager Insider Secrets Audio & Workbook

Everything you need to know plus how to get one!

Whether you are a director, writer, actor or crew person, this audio is for you!  It’s chock full of entertainment industry secrets that will enable you to navigate the murky waters of what agents and managers want, how to think like them, and how to get the best one for you!

An agent gets 10%, you get 90%, the saying goes. So, you need to do 90% of the business of your career. Ever wonder what that 90% is exactly?

We address exactly that question in this audio.  Because, for you to be ready for a great agent or manager, you must be terrific at the 90% of your career.



The Day Job/Passion Job Solution Audio & Workbook

Everything you need to find the perfect Day Job to support your Passion!

If you’re an actor, director, writer, composer, sound mixer, DP, costume designer, or make-up artist you might need to earn a living while you pursue your passion.

If you:

  • Aren’t earning enough money at your Day Job
  • Work way too much at your Day Job, leaving no time to pursue your Passion Job
  • Just can’t pour another drink, serve another plate of food or answer another call and you must do something now
  • Aren’t sure where or how to start looking for another Day Job

Then you are in the right place!

The Day Job/Passion Job Solution gives you everything you need to find the perfect Day Job to support your Passion.