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Your Map of Relationships and Hitlist: what they are and why you need them

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

You’ve all heard the phrase “in Hollywood, it’s who you know.”  It’s said so much that it’s almost lost meaning, right?

Well, what it means is that the quality of your relationships, as well as the type of relationships you have, has a great deal of influence on your success.

So, how do you put this to work for you?

To start, first you need to know who you know.  I like to call this your Map of Relationships.  It’s great to make a list, or better yet put something on the wall, showing who you know and what they do.  Having categories like producers, directors, casting directors, production managers, actors, etc. can be very instructive.

When you do this you can see who you actually know.  If you’re an actor and you know mostly other actors and one or two casting directors, this can be a problem.  Directors and producers are the people who will hire you, so you need to know more of them!